The Little Towel Company

Branding + Print Collateral

New brand identity creation for an e-commerce housewares company. The Little Towel Company manufactures high-quality towels, sold in sets directly to consumers. The brand concept is a luxurious product that is at the same time trendy, young, and uncomplicated.


A complete brand identity was developed including the primary logo, wordmark, symbol, color palette, fonts, and tagline. The essence of the brand identity for The Little Towel Company is fresh, natural, earthy, and nautical. The primary colours in the palette are accompanied by secondary tones and textures found in nature to depict strength, femininity, cleanliness, and softness.

Minimal monogrammed logo features the company name in the shape of a circle. The style takes a ‘less is more’ approach that exemplifies simplicity and complements the clean and unadorned nature of the company’s products.